Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007

I Was There Too!

So my husband, God bless him, is not all that great at the taking of the pictures; most especially of me and the boy. Luckily, my friend Lisa is. During our visit to Washington, she snapped several great pictures of Aaron and, oh hey wait a minute, of me too! Here are a few of them, so, you know, Aaron will believe later on in life that I was there too.

That's me talking on my cell phone in the background. Can you say "Best Mom Ever"?
He was being cute in some way, shape or form.
Aaron and I at the Rainforest Cafe (we finally got to go!).

Wait a minute! Before you get angry at the whole picture-with-pacifier thing, this is the photo Lisa got when I tried to take it out:

The first one is better, right?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Good Times

Right now, Daddy is on his World Tour trip with half of his TPS class. This is a two-week trip, with the first half spent at various places on the East Coast and the second half in India. Since he is a Senior now, it is tradition for the Juniors (Class 07B) to "decorate" the Seniors' classroom as well as the parking lot outside of the school. This occurred last weekend and the pictures posted on the Juniors' website gave me some giggles. Particularly this one:

Yes, that is my husband in the foreground. In a dress. Nice.

To see more photos, click here, then click on "Album: Week 15", then click on "Album: Parking Lot Painting/Senior's Room".

My Little Girl is Getting So Old

Reagan is only six and a half years old, but she's getting so much gray in her face! Here lately, the gray seems to be giving her "angry eyes." Do you see it too?

Good Call, Daddy...

Aaron LOVES his new Jungle Book DVD!

I ♥ Washington

Aaron and I got back yesterday from a week-long trip to Washington. We stayed with our best good friends John and Lisa W. and had such a great time. We also got to visit with my best friend from high school Athena, Bill's cousin Kristine and her family (and to watch my Rams lose AGAIN; this time to the Seahawks), and my friend April from my old job (I also got to meet her six-month-old son Trenton for the first time!). I miss Washington so much and am still trying to figure out how to get my husband to let us retire there!

Since the pumpkin patches are L-A-M-E down here in the desert, we made sure to visit one while we were in Washington. Here is my little guy dressed in his Halloween shirt for this year from Old Navy.

So pretty...

Comparison shot from a year ago at this time. He does seem a little bigger now, doesn't he? (Oh, and Lisa, apparently the place we went to last year was Scholz Farms. How many frickin' pumpkin farms are down there?)