Sunday, April 30, 2006

Watch Me Pull Up and Crawl!

Well, here I am stealing another one of Lisa's awesome ideas for my Blog, but somehow I don't think she'll mind as long as I give her props! I have decided to try YouTube so that you can view little movies that I take of Aaron. Just click the play button in the middle of the picture until it says "Loading..." then it should start to play on its own, if your computer will allow it. It might take a few moments after it says "Loading..." for it to start playing, but it should work. Let me know how it turns out!

Friday, April 28, 2006

I'll Do Anything to Terrorize Reagan!

Even climb the only stairs in the house!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Check Out My Mad Organizational Skills

Have I mentioned that I love the Target? 'Cause, I do. Love, love, LOVE the Target. I found this toy bin thingy there on sale this week and I am so happy with it, I could just burst. I'm all about things that store stuff vertically.

And look, I got my living room back! Yay! (Don't pay any attention to the dust on the tables. There's going to be some major cleaning in the next few days before the husband gets home!).

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It Was Only a Matter of Time...

Well, Aaron has finally done the one thing that I've been waiting for since he's become mobile...he's discovered the toilet paper! And look how happy he is! Nice!

Staci And Lisa's Weekend Of Fun!

The above title is supposed to be read with your best Janice voice in mind. Do you remember the episode of Friends where Joey and Janice go out all alone for an entire day of fun because Janice thinks this will get Joey to like her so that he will hang out with her and Chandler more? Joey and Janice's Day of Fun! Anyway, I digress. Last Wednesday was my birthday and last Thursday was Lisa's birthday so we decided to jam pack this weekend with fun activities to do together instead of sitting at home feeling mopey because we were by ourselves on yet another birthday. Both of our husbands are out on trips. We OF COURSE took tons of pictures so we could share our weekend with you! Yay! So here you go.
Day One of Fun
On Wednesday, Lisa and I left the kiddos with babysitters and went to dinner at a really great Italian restaurant called Marzano's. We ate and talked and drank wine and reminisced about what it was like to sit down and have a nice, civilized dinner without worrying about if we packed enough snacks and timing when we need to leave before the meltdowns commence! Aaron, as it turns out, didn't do that well with the babysitters. We were only gone for two hours but when we walked in, he was crying big alligator tears which they said he had been doing the whole time we were gone. Oh, my heart just broke! I know though the only way to remedy this is to keep leaving him with babysitters, it's just going to be hard the first few times.
Day Two of Fun
On Thursday, we drove up to Bellevue Square, a really awesome mall that has several stores that we don't have around here. As soon as we got there we had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. So yummy! And it turns out they are actually very kid-friendly. They had no problems with us needing three high chairs and they even gave us kiddie snacks (sourdough and pumpernickel bread and a banana cut into slices) to munch on while we waited for our food! We then hit the stores, including Pottery Barn Kids (Love that store! Spend way too much money in that store!), Gymboree(ditto) and Stride Rite. The whole reason for our trip though was to go to the Apple store. Both Lisa and I received iPods for our birthdays from the husbands and we needed to look at accessories! It's a good thing the kiddos are such good shoppers!
Day Three of Fun
We took the kiddos to the Spring Fair on Friday. I made sure Aaron took a good nap before we went.
When we finally got to the Fair, we ate lunch then walked around the fairgrounds. We stopped at some hay bales to take some pictures as well as at the fire truck (Check out Aaron! He's a Junior Firefighter!), and then moved on to the Kids' Zone and played with the cool toys in there. Last fun stop for the kiddos was the petting zoo. We saw goats, cows, pigs (who, by the way, seemed to get doted over more than Aaron does!) and little chicks. So much fun!
Lisa and I were able to treat ourselves to the main attraction at the Fair - the Spring Garden Show. We looked at all the flowers and displays and ended buying these really neat planters with spikes in the bottom to hold the flowers up. So cool!
Day Four of Fun
Saturday was such a gorgeous day that Lisa and I decided to take the kiddos to a great park in our area where they have planted tons of tulips and daffodils as well as these huge trees with gorgeous flowers. We got the kids all dressed up, fixed hair, and tried to get some fancy pictures. Sometimes it worked and sometimes, not so much! We first stopped at Dairy Queen for some fuel.

While we were at the DQ, Aaron showed us his new "Bitter Beer Face" (Athena, you know what I'm talking about!). This face was due to the Green Beans and Rice that I was trying to feed him!
We then moved on to the park. This was one of the first pictures that I took. It kind of freaks me out. If you've seen The Ring, you know why.
Other than that, we got some great pictures.
I have figured out, however, since the weather is starting to become nice that I really need to get Aaron outside more. At one point, we found a large patch of grass and let the kiddos crawl and run around. I figured out that Aaron was very weary of the grass! He kept touching it ever so gently then pulling his hand back as if the grass was stabbing him!
Here are some more pictures from our day.
Day Five
Ahhhh, Sunday. A day of rest!
Day Six of Fun
Monday was another gorgeous day so Lisa and I took the kiddos down to the park by my house. We could only play for an hour or so, but we still had a great time.
Also, be sure and check out Lisa's post about our weekend here.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Inside The Brain Of A Little Boy

"Woman, please stop taking pictures of me. I know that I am handsome but I can only take so many camera flashes. Let me rest and play with my coaster, and I promise we can start again tomorrow."

Friday, April 21, 2006

Ladies And Gentlemen...Our Son

We're very proud of him!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Baby's First Easter

Today was Aaron's first Easter and we had a great time. We woke up early and went to the 8:30 mass (I know, how ambitious am I?), mostly to avoid the CIRCUS that is the 10:30 mass on Easter Sunday. I'm talking cops are necessary to direct the traffic, that's how bad it is! I've said it before and I'll say it again - gotta love those Christmas and Easter Catholics! We then went over to our friends' house - Joe and Brandy - to have a great Easter lunch. They have Baby Ella who was born in September, so Aaron got to hang out with yet another little chicky! Daddy is unfortunately out on a trip, but we are thinking of him today!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

I Can See This Becoming A Problem...

Apparently I was mistaken in my earlier post that Aaron was too tall to stand up underneath the dining room table, because here he is doing just that. It will be interesting to see how much longer he's going to be able to do this without cracking his skull!

Friday, April 14, 2006

My Sweet Little Baby Is Injured!

Yesterday Aaron's nose became the first casualty of his newfound freedom as he crawls and pulls himself up to a standing position. He tried to use his Exersaucer to pull himself up but he didn't quite clear the edge of the plastic top part and scraped his nose all the way down the middle. We had some tears and even a little blood but I think he's going to be O.K. It just kills me to see his beautiful face damaged! What am I gonna do when he really starts hurting himself?

Mommy's Little Helper

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Daddy A.K.A. The Human Jungle Gym

The picture in which Aaron looks like he wants to eat Reagan is actually a picture of him expressing affection. Yeah, we don't get it either, but he does it to both his Daddy and me and since he has started to crawl, he chases Reagan around with his mouth wide open and the chompers at the ready!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Swimming And Standing, There's Nothing This Boy Can't Do!

Today was yet another big day of firsts. This morning was Aaron's first day of swim class at the YMCA. He wasn't as hesitant this time getting into the water with me, but he is still weary. We also need to work on his attention span. He spent pretty much the whole class watching the class at the other end of the pool, where the "big" kids (the 3-5 year olds) were at. Aaron's class consisted of singing songs (which, by the way, is a bit strange since our instructor is a young twenty-something male with earrings in both ears. He does a mean rendition of "The Wheels On The Bus," though, so who am I to complain?) and moving back and forth across the pool, practicing our kicking and swimstrokes. Aaron is getting more and more brave every time we go swimming (no tears this time! Yahoo!) so I am really glad I decided to join the YMCA.

As for the standing part, this is a picture of how I found him after realizing he wasn't underneath my feet for more than a few seconds. Apparently there was something very interesting in the bathtub because it motivated him enough to get up on his feet instead of just his knees. This, of course, presents a whole new set of concerns, especially when I find him standing up in his crib in the morning or when he's trying to stand up underneath the dining room table and not realizing he's too tall for that!

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Reagan and Molly - BFF!

I knew it had to be only a matter of time before they started to enjoy each other's company! Well, O.K., maybe not enjoy. I think "tolerate" would be a better word to use here!

Saturday, April 1, 2006

Watching Daddy Work Outside

This is only how far Aaron can pull up. He doesn't seem to have the strength and/or balance to get up any further. He's working on it, though! By the way, notice that sun? Yeah, we have to cherish it while we have it (or at least get out and mow the lawn while we can without getting wet!).