Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Daddy Heaven

You're looking at what I'm sure Bill considers his own personal utopia. Kid's asleep, puppy's almost alseep, remote control in his possession and within reach. You just can't get any better than this!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

More Walking Videos

I know, I'm like a crazy person with all the videos of Aaron walking, but I'm so proud of him! He is walking everywhere now and all the time! He's still not all that great at it; he looks like he's tipped back a few too many most of the time. What's different is that he is actually trying. He acts like he doesn't even want to crawl anymore. It's so awesome! Check it out!

What Happens When You Leave a Toddler Alone for TWO Seconds

What's Aaron trying to feed Reagan? Yeah, that would be the pregnancy test that let me know he was coming (Yes, I kept it! Didn't you?). Ironic, don't ya think?

Check Out My Mad Cake-Decorating Skillz

Yesterday was Daddy's birthday (Happy Birthday, Bill!) so Mommy decided to go all crazy and make him his own cake instead of heading down to the Fred Meyer to buy one. I realized after I was finished that I had done the same color scheme as Aaron's Peter Rabbit birthday cake, but that's O.K. I really like these two colors together. Daddy also got a bonus birthday present because this cake probably cost a quarter of one that I would have purchased at the store! Go me!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Meet My ADHD Boy...

...who can't sit still long enough to drink his juice like a normal human being. Don't they have medication for this kind of thing?

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Our Little Helper

The title to this post has just a tiny hint of sarcasm to it in case you weren't able to catch it. Aaron has moved into the phase that I've seen every little kid go through (and which I have been dreading just a teeny, tiny bit) where they must be in the middle of EVERYTHING that you're trying to accomplish. I have lamented to my dad before about how it now takes twice as long to complete any task, be it showering, loading the dishwasher, reading a book, etc., etc., etc., because you have this thing that also wants to participate and can't understand why I won't let him "help" or, at the very least, satisfy his own curiosity. Here are some examples.

Aaron climbing into the laundry basket and "helping" Mommy fold the laundry by chewing on Daddy's socks.
Daddy was so grateful to have Aaron's help trying to figure out our new vacuum cleaner - not!
While trying to get our stuff packed for our trip to Texas, I came into the living room and found this in our suitcase. Oh, yeah, and of course there were folded clothes in the bottom of the suitcase that he was trampling all over. Do you remember the part about everything taking twice as long to accomplish? Yeah, I wasn't kidding!
Aaron supervising Daddy grilling our dinner. I think Daddy did a pretty good job!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Watch Me Stand Up and Walk!

I finally got a decent little movie of Aaron standing up on his own and walking towards me! So exciting! He has been attempting to walk a lot more during the past couple days; however, we have noticed that he isn't walking to get somewhere, just walking to show himself and us that he can. He still thinks that crawling is the best way to travel. He crawls incredibly fast, especially when he has something he wants to get into in his sights, i.e. an open fridge or dishwasher.

FYI, there is an ear-piercing scream at the beginning of this video. Just thought I'd warn ya!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Daddy's Little Pep Squad

Aaron and I went to his first softball game recently to cheer his daddy on along with the rest of his squadron's team. They lost but it was still fun! Aaron clapped when everyone else cheered - although he ended up clapping for the wrong team most of the time! He also got to wear one of his very first baseball caps because it's all about the fashion for me, you know. Can you even stand the cuteness? I know, me neither. He looks like such a little man!

Of course, we also had to have snacks while we watched the game. Not exactly hot dogs and beer (even though Aaron tried to snag a few swigs from his daddy's beer after the game) but I think Gerber Puffies suited him just fine!

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

New Skills

Aaron has developed several new skills; sometimes, it seems like he learns new things overnight! Maybe that's the reason why he hasn't been sleeping so well! He's too busy coming up with new things to impress us with!

Talking on the Telephone

Apparently Aaron has watched Mommy gab on the telephone enough that he now knows that you're supposed to put said object up to your ear and "talk" into it. The only thing is that everything has become a telephone - my curling iron, the remote controls, my hair brush, etc.


Aaron has become more inquisitive about his surroundings lately and is becoming more adventurous everyday trying to figure things out. This, of course, causes Mommy to have several mini-heart attacks during the course of a day. Everything's fair game, particularly the bathroom cabinets and the laundry basket.


Aaron has officially taken more than one step on his own! He is also doing great at balancing on his two feet and has even stood still and turned 180 degrees without falling onto his butt! As you can see from the video, however, it's hard for him to giggle and walk at the same time. Unfortunately, he gets the giggles a lot when we're working on his walking skills!

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Happy Anniversary to Us

Thank you for eight great years. I love you.