Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Kid's a Genius

Aaron has been doing something very interesting as of late as he becomes more familiar with his letters and that these letters spell words. He loves anything with his name on it so he tries to create his name anywhere he can, sometimes using ordinary household objects. This reminded me of a Flickr application that a lot of you have probably seen, where you can spell your name using photographs that people have taken of single letters. Here's my name:

Letter ST 3720 / A in concrete c27 Vintage LEGO brick letter I

Here is how Aaron created his name, using things around the house:

Can you make out that it's supposed to be "Aaron"? Yeah, you have to use your imagination, but still! And I love how he couldn't figure out how to create an "n" so he just grabbed a notepad and wrote one. This kid cracks me up.